Cooper Konrad & Eleanor Skye

Man. The anticipation was killing us! Things have been super crazy lately with Angela and I trying to wrap our heads around the fact that we’re gonna have TWO children before the end of the year, and trying to get ready for it. On one hand it seems like just yesterday that we were taking 9 pregnancy tests at midnight and in shock that they were all finally positive, but still trying to not get our hopes up too much before being able to go to the doctor and confirm it. And on the other Hand it seems like it’s been an eternity of calling them “Baby A and Baby B” without being able to use any actual names. But finally that part of the wait is over!

We’re having one of each!

We’re having one of each!

Lily - Newborn Baby Photography


I don’t have any children yet but having a child is (I’m sure) one of the toughest but most amazing things that can happen to someone. A few weeks ago my brother-in-law and his wife welcomed their new daughter into the world and we had to make sure we captured some images as soon as possible. They grow so fast!